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Hello, I am Aidan. is my hobby website for tech related topics that cover reviews, guides, security, and DIY home projects. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the projects or products that I mention or anyone that I may be associated with.

If you are a like minded tinkerer that delights in toiling away with such obscurities as Linux servers, desktops, self-hosting, and alternative technologies, then perhaps this site may be of some respite.


Q: What is this website about?

A: For the most part it will be technical guides, reviews, and some news; but there will be other things on the occasion.

Q: Why the dated looking site?

A: I value the simplicity of what the web was and could continue to be.

Q: Why is there no SSL/TLS version of the site?

A: I may introduce secure connectivity as an option in the future, but it’s largely unnecessary for a static site.

Q: What are you making this site with?

A: VIM with custom macros and some scripts. I suggest looking into the marvim plugin if you're interested. It’s taken me awhile, but creating web pages in VIM combined with loadable macros is surprisingly efficient.

Q: Are you interested in advertising?

A: No, not really. However I am not opposed to the idea of sponsorships. You'll have to contact me about it.

Q: Do you accept donations (i.e. cash or internet funny money)?

A: No. I have no reason to panhandle for money, unless I were in a desperate situation to which at that point I wouldn’t be wasting my time on the web.

Projects down the pipeline

Here are a few projects that I am either currently working on, have completed, or will be working on in the future:

  • SMTP mail server (Completed)
  • Static HTML site (Completed)
  • IRC Server (public access) (Completed)
  • IRC Bouncer (invite only) (Completed)
  • XMPP Server (invite only) (Completed)
  • Self host SearX search engine (invite only) (Completed)
  • Independent webring (public access & submission based) (In progress)
  • Self host voice communications (likely Mumble) (invite only)
  • Self host geographic mapping service
  • Independent GIT server (invite only)
  • Gemini and IPFS web servers? (not sure about these.)
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